Why the casino in Korea is so beautiful

The large casinos that provide online gambling boast that they return players between 96 and 98 percent of the amount deposited with them for gaming purposes.

Classic casinos and the internet benefit from two main reasons:

The casino has unlimited capital in relation to gamblers against it.
If the casino odds were statistically mathematically equal to the odds of the players, then the casinos would probably still be earning the players money they visit. How?

Every player who comes to gamble at the casino has limited capital, whether because the gambling budget is a known amount or because it is all his budget. When the player starts gambling at the casino, he will win and lose some of his money until at some point he could lose his money.

This case cannot happen in a casino because the nature of the casino is based on budgets which in their players’ terms are unlimited.

Let’s look at how this advantage is statistically expressed mathematically over the roulette game in the 카지노 먹튀 that is played in Korea.

If we bet on a single number in a roulette game, for example, and the little white ball lands on our number, we will win an amount that is 36 times the amount we bet. But the chance of the ball landing on that number is 1 for 37, because the roulette wheel contains 36 red and black numbers and one zero that is green.

For example, if we put chips on all the numbers on the roulette table, including zero, we will have to invest 37 chips. Of course, in the roulette round, we won, no matter what number came out, because we covered all the options available on the wheel, but the casino would win one lone jeton: the one we put on zero like Tola Vintage.

While no one plays that way, but when many players are betting on different roulette numbers, statistically, the rule will be that in many turnovers the casino will earn its players 1 out of 37 out of the gaming cycle, or in other words 2.7% of the turnover.

If we gamble on black and red in roulette throughout the evening (remember, half the numbers are red and half are black, except the zero is green), the casino profit will be 2.3% of our gambling turnover (or twice in the case of American roulette).

In principle, everyone loses at the casino. The casino rules are built so that the house finally wins our money. In fact, rich and successful casinos.
You do not know exactly the rules of the game and the casino rules, how can you ever expect to win the dealers that is their profession?
I have no special luck in life and for every achievement I have fought tooth. Need luck to win a casino.
Sometimes I’ve heard of people who say they’ve earned at the casino, but I don’t believe in their exaggerations. Who knows how many times they lost before and after winning it they tell.
Indeed, common sense. Apparently, most of the people I asked thought about the same thing, and he was right too: When he visited the casino he had actually lost the $ 100 he had planned to lose in advance.

Will the change of attitude make you a profit in the casino. of course not. But if you decide that you are trying to win the casino you will read the above on this site with a positive attitude which will certainly help you internalize the principles presented on this site.

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