What in Pilates that in only a couple of years has become in the most preferred sports training by women from different age groups? You should get familiar with this training methods, as it can do wonders to your body.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a method of physical training that its ultimate purpose is to improve the body’s posture and daily functioning. The method was developed by Joseph Pilates, has been in the sixties of the last century, but was used mainly helped by her dancers to avoid and recover from injuries effort. The dancers quickly found the benefits to improve posture and function in general and adopted it as a sport up. In the last decade, its popularity rising in all sectors, and it was adopted with enthusiasm especially among women who are in the ages to all sections even if not previously used to play sports.

Pilates trains the body so that it can more easily overcome his daily tasks from one central principle: an emphasis on stabilizing muscles and their extension. Stabilizer muscles are the same muscles that are deep under the skin, which are located close to the joints, around the vertebrae and pelvic floor. These muscles are responsible for isolating the effects of the movement. Pilates emphasizes the importance of a series of exercises for their specific training and gives focus to address them individually.

Pilates is good for your health

Pilates requires intense force proportionally, with few repetitions, as opposed to weight training, for example where there is an attempt to shorten and strengthen the muscles, Pilates advocates for their extension. Pilates training is a routine of exercises that regardless of the flow of movement between each other, or targeted training one muscle at the same high intensity workout.

Pilates attempts to strengthen the core muscles such as the pelvic floor muscles or abdominal muscles. The method is repetitive but requires intense exercising. A large part of the Pilates exercises performed while impeded the back. The training, which involves routine shortly achieve the objectives of strengthening the muscles and results by the Hivites of trainees and trainee are dramatic and also work in the context of toning and firming the body.

Principles of Pilates 

• Pilates assumes that the lower back is the source for right movement and tries to strengthen it.
• Speed ​​of practice, although it can be fast, does not the primary factor – exercising right is what is mot important. Each training method that can get good results.
• Custom workout progression rate of the group.
• Artificial muscles and shortening.
• Proper use of stabilizer muscles, will remove the pressure on the spine and allow greater freedom of movement for the body joints.

Does Pilates help weight loose?

Well, apparently so. Many patients report a feeling of body firming Pilates workout results. There is also reference in this sense the feeling and appearance trainee. You can understand where it comes from: Working on any stable, and improving give every practicing feeling good mental and sense physiologically collection and centralization font, these in turn, essential for shaping the body as correct posture, is the beginning of the process of casting that often begins Pilates and finds himself continuing processes continuous such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle nutritional context, mainly due to a sense of empowerment and the improvement probably as a result of patients.

In recent years, there seems to be a popular female sport than him. Institutes and private guides popping up all over. Relatively comfortable workout, most of which is attention to his patients, and he adapts to the capabilities found a sympathetic ear especially among women of all ages braces, young and older, who are seeking training leotards that have the possibility to maintain them even if their initial physical fitness is high.

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