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What is supination?

Supination, is the deficient inward rolling of the foot while walking or running or excessive outward roll of feet while standing, assigning most of the body weight to the outer side of the foot.

Symptoms Of Supination

Due to excessive supination you can face various number of disorders and ailments related to foot, ankle, knees, hips and back. Common symptoms of supination involves Arch pain, hip pain, ankle wrenches, heel pain, knee pain, hip pain, back pain and flat feet.

How To Check If You Are Supinating?

You can check over supination there are three common methods you can use. First have a look at your feet while standing. If you found a high arch towards inside of the foot you are more likely to have over supination. Second method is to check your jogging shoes.

If your shoes are leaned outward and you notice worn on the outer side of the sole, supination is in play. Thirdly, wet your feet and place it on ground or a brown paper and check your footprints, If you notice a thin strip on the
outside instead of half width of your feet, you are having supination.

Causes Of Supination

Supination can occur due to inherited problem. It can be inherited as improper feet structure. Some other cause of supination involves weakness of foot muscle, unfitting shoes, wrong positioning of the body or due to injury to your foot muscle. Wearing rigid, tight shoes all the time can cause problems. And since your feet are the foundation of your body, foot problems can throw your whole body out of alignment.

How To Fix Supination. 

Fixing supination depends on the intensity of the issue and also on the muscle and bone structure. Flexible feet can be easily fixed as compared to that of a rigid feet.

It is recommended to see a proper a physical therapist or any other doctor to
see the level and intensity of your supination. There few techniques you can
apply to fix the problem

Stretch Training:

Exercise is the first way to go. If you face supination you should follow some stretch training programs. Doing hips and muscle firming exercise can bring better results as they will help you in gaining steadiness in your ankle and feet. ​

Pick The Right Shoes:

It is important to throw out your running shoes before they are completely worn on outer side. If you can find a special shoe store near you, go over there and you will find best supinator friendly shoes. If you don’t have any special shoe store in the town, choose the most cushioned shoe to help you going.

Pre Running Stretches:

Pre jogging stretches are important for everyone who is going to track but it is especially significant for a supinator. Habitually stretching your calves and ankles can help you relieve tightness which is causing supination or worsening that supination.


To overcome your supination problem you can use an orthotic device or orthotic insole. You can easily find a variety of Orthotics and insoles different types and prices and buy them off the shelf. It can be helpful for various feet problem including supination.


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