What is Raw Photos?

A common conversation among serious amateur photographers is why do we need to take pictures in a raw format?

This format photography has several downsides-

· Volume bigger picture and requires more means of accommodation,
· There is a need for special software to handle these files,
· Professional knowledge necessary to handle these files,
· You can not print them,
· You can not view them in the browser (IE, Firefox, etc.)

So why is it good?

First of all it RAW –

RAW camera file this camera actually without any processing, all the information of the photo Nidhs without loss of detail and stored on the memory card,
Without sharpening, color correction, contrast, brightness adjustment, white balance correction (WB), a reduction in image compression, particularly small size,
RAW file is not unique to any standard camera as JPG,
Holocaust RAW files to JPG files are the results Hbaot-
1 – JPG files have “depth of knowledge” of 8BIT compared 12-14BIT RAW files,
This means JPG files restricted to 256 gray levels (brightness), compared with 4000 to 16,000 gray levels RAW files,
The practical significance of this is this –
If I take a girl on a black background rate of snow in full sunlight – photography JPG No chance I’ll get a picture with full details of its goal and also full details of the snow, or the gate becomes a black spot or stain white snow,

Photography in RAW I can get all the details also hit and clearly,
It is called – “dynamic range” wide,

2 – If I made a mistake in selecting white balance – WB, there is a good chance that even if the subject has a dynamic range narrow – that is the principle of no more than 256 shades of gray, and I do not lose details as in example 1, – due to an adjustment of the white balance and deviation color dynamic range for the picture expands and I may be in a situation where a particular color options exceeds the JPG and loses information,
The camera shows the histogram not only Bshl”b but in 3 colors frequently see that the difference in position between the red and the blue one of them will enter into a lack of details,

RAW photography due to the wide dynamic range zero chance of this problem,

3 – If I took JPG and I made a mistake in setting the white balance – this will damage the repair of virtually all colors,
RAW photograph White balance is done on the computer after the shooting,
4 – by chance I set for over-sharpening photography – it can not go shooting JPG,
5 – part of the camera makes adaptations are not good enough quality and software that can perform better processing such as noise removal, sharpening or adjusting color, photographic – RAW allows obtaining better in order to file such arrangements,
What’s the problem with RAW files and why disguise them?
1 – They are larger and take up more room accommodation – Less shoot images on the card,
2 – need special software to view them,
3 – have to process them before you print them or upload them flatly – it also requires specialized knowledge,
Each camera can shoot RAW comes with software for the treatment of these files, some freeware and some paid
In most cases, the manufacturer’s software handles these files better third-party programs such as Photoshop competitor,
Part of the software vendor that can automatically perform essential repairs such as fixing problems with dust cleaning lens or image,
RAW photo Who better?
Any photographer looking for a high quality,
Just see the pictures better – provided that know how to handle them correctly with the right software,
RAW file actually allows you to determine how the image will look like after you have taken it and not to hesitate while shooting about which characterize the image,

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