What are the best shampoos for your hair, and can they really prevent hair loss?

One of the main concerns in a woman’s life is her hair, that’s for a fact. Is like her cover letter, one of the first thing other people pay attention to when looking at her, if it’s short, long and if it shines smoothly or not. The condition of a woman’s hair tells a lot about how she takes care of herself in general, for that reason it is important to select the right products in order to guarantee that it remains healthy and beautiful.

One of the most common products used for the hair are shampoos. And yes, shampoos are a must when it comes to hair care. But, among the thousands of varied shampoos we can find in the market, which ones can we say for sure that are the right shampoos for a lady’s type of hair?

First of all, it is necessary to determine what our hair’s specific need. And in this article, we’ll focus in two issues that due to misinformation women sometimes are very troubled with when choosing the right shampoos to use, and these refer to good and bad side: Hair loss and its opposite, hair growth.

For a girl, it is indeed a reason to freak out when she combs her hair and finds more hair than usual in it (we all know that a normal hair loss is calculated between 50 or even 100 hairs a day, or in her bed when she wakes up, or when she’s taking a shower, or even by just passing her fingers by. That is a warning sign that something is not ok with its strength, sometimes the problem is related to the hair’s nutrition.

There are specific shampoos that in 2016 have proved to be helpful to avoid that. Their beneficial ingredients and wonderful properties nourish the hair deeply and attack the cause of the hair loss. Some of these are:

Lipogaine Big 3: With Ketonconazole and Biotin, this formula is classified as mild among many shampoos. It doesn’t have sulfates or parabens, so it helps strengthen the hair while moisturizes it.

Argan Oil Shampoo: It works great on all types of hair since is hypoallergenic. It’s composed with a 100% Argan or also called Moroccan Oil as well as the not less important Avocado oil, which thoroughly nourishes the hair from root to tip.

PhytoWorx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo: A very unique sulfate-free formula, with a mix of Stem cells from a rare but amazing plant named Malus Domestica and Essential Oils that inject vitality to the girls’ hair

Nioxin Hair Loss Shampoo: A great improvement in the world of shampoos, as it helps reduce the hair loss by 46% and elevates for a longer time the remaining of the hair in the Anagen stage.

Now that we have talked about the best shampoos for hair loss, it is mandatory to talk now about enhancing good things about peoples’ look, such as their hair growth. The good news is that, the best shampoo to get a healthy hair growth is very easy to find; in fact you can look for it in your kitchen. We are talking about caffeine. Re-known scientific researches from less than 20 years ago have demonstrated that topical caffeine makes the hair stronger from the root, by giving it the required nutrients and vitamins to empower it and make it fall-resistant.

Lübeck University, a very prestigious institution located in Germany, corroborated the fantastic results given by the use of saw palmetto in the health of hair follicle, reason why lots of shampoos are coming now with saw palmetto extracts among their components. So ladies, if you’re worried about the health of your hair and his growth’s speed, stay attentive when you’re buying shampoo and check for saw palmetto extracts in it, like Ultarx Labs Hair Surge, that contains powerful micro-caffeine compounds as well as Ketonconazole. Your hair will be thankful for that pampering treatment.

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