Tips for choosing the best shoes for your work hours

Buying the right shoes for work is very important, even if you do not spend many hours walking or walking during your workday – your comfort during the day is mainly influenced by your shoes.

Here are some important tips to make your choice easier:

• The time of purchase

You should buy shoes in the morning or afternoon, as these are the hours when our feet are slightly swollen.

• Socks

You should wear regular socks on the day of purchase – the kind you draw every day.

• Measure the feet

You should measure your foot before measuring your shoe. The size of your shoe can change over the years and seasons, so correct and precise measurement will provide you with the tools to choose the correct shoe size. Note that the foot measurement is done from the heel of the fingers, and that most of us have one foot that is larger – usually the right leg.
The shoes must be comfortable! You will stand for hours and hours – and you need to feel comfortable with them!

• Walk around the store

They walked around the shoe store and felt the shoe. The feeling should be comfortable. Note that the shoe is tight around the heel, supports the leg bow, and provides free space for the movement of the toes – without the foot sliding inside. Note that the shoe does not press at any special point.

• Adjust the shoe to working conditions

If you work in an office – this is not relevant for you, but if you work in different conditions and requirements – you must adjust the shoe in terms of safety: isolation from electrical currents, water immunity, shielding in different areas of the shoe, etc. – even if you work as a bartender, Safety You can be very helpful in the case of a box of drinks that has dropped from your hand and has fallen to your leg.

What can be done to prevent accidents work in the construction industry?

Any work at height will be done by employees who have been trained by instructors who are authorized to work at height and will be carried out in accordance with the law.

The work surfaces should be properly installed to prevent their collapse / breakage and the fall of a person or object from them.
Wear safety shoes with special anti-skid soles; The working surfaces can also be roughed (in different ways).

Personal protective equipment should be used for body protection, including a helmet, safety boots, goggles and more.
Ensure that the work surface, walkway, floors and so on are free from protruding nails, wire, and any other obstacle.
Workers should be instructed not to manually lift heavy loads and use lifting aids.

Dress should be adapted to weather conditions; Make sure you drink enough to prevent dehydration; And use gloves and protective clothing as needed.
Do not use damaged or damaged electrical appliances.

Avoid direct contact with harmful substances, use protective products, wash your hands thoroughly at the end of the work, and use gloves (preferably cotton gloves covered with leather gloves) when needed.
Respiratory protective equipment should be used for the type of air pollutant.

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