The benefits of aloe vera

For centuries Aloe Vera plant is used as a medicinal plant in many cultures. Widely used thanks to the magical qualities in treating burns, wounds and pain relief in cases.

With the plant was a breakthrough in the treatment of skin called “psoriasis” some of its symptoms are itching and skin peeling.

Historical documents indicate that the use of medical and cosmetic plant among many nations including Egypt, Rome, Greece, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, India and China.

Oldest preserved record of Aloe Vera, is engraved on a medical prescription from the Babylonian Nippur pottery from 4200 BC.

Egypt’s drawings were engraved with Aloe Vera, on the walls of the fourth millennium BC temple. They praised the many medicinal properties of the plant. Cleopatra’s baths even did as well as aloe vera rubbed on the face and hair. Sumerian pottery were also found describing medical use of the plant in 1750 BC. Aloe Vera admired by many people as an expression of admiration is called “fingers of the gods”.

Divine attributes ascribed to the plant. Those close to the borrowed name “. “Vera” in Latin means “real”.

There are about 300 types of these but only one is real and it is called:

Aloe Babadensis Miller.

Assault on the fortified city of Gaza in 330 BC, Alexander the Great mortally wounded with an arrow in his shoulder. Deep wound has not healed, and after a few weeks when moved with his army to Egypt, his condition deteriorated greatly.

We are told that his teacher sent him to Aristotle, Cohen, who treated him with these products properly. Alexander’s life was saved thanks to the treatment. Aristotle’s advice tells another he conquered the island of Socorro in order to control the supply of Aloe Vera plant has become the army’s main healing.

When Columbus came to discover the world, taking with him the Aloe Vera plants in pots. He called the plant “pot doctor”.

In 1945, towards the end of the Second World War, the Americans threw two bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. Then they came to help the Japanese and has amazing spectacle they had been exposed rows of men lying when they are covered with green leaves in 3 hours and were exchanging their leaves. What happened is that the Americans noticed the healing process of people who have used Aloe Vera plant was much faster than people who used the creams and ointments that they brought.

And so began the first study on Aloe Vera. Americans decided worth exploring the qualities plant

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