How to get rid of snoring fast & naturally

Many of us hate snoring as it greatly disrupts our sleep, not to mention that it irritates our partners. According to research carried out, snoring leads to day fatigue and irritation, health issues and poor sleep.

Snoring occurs when air flows deep down your throat when you breathe as you sleep, causing the relaxed tissues within your throat to frequently vibrate causing irritating and harsh snoring sounds. Research has gone to prove further that snoring may be a sign indicating some serious health conditions within
your body such as;

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Obesity
  • Blocked airways
  • An issue concerning the structure of your throat, nose, and mouth.


Try sleeping on your side

Sleeping on your side allows air to flow easily as opposed to sleeping on your back. Why this is advised is because sleeping on your back at times causes your tongue to move to the back of your throat, partly blocking airflow through your throat. Moreover, this sleeping position (that is on your back) causes the flesh that is normally located in the throat to relax which goes on and blocks the airway. Therefore, sleeping on your side goes on to prevent this.


Air needs to move freely within your nasal cavity. Blocked airways tend to make inhalation difficult, this is due to the fact that a blocked airway creates a vacuum that causes snoring. This situation can be remedied by using stick-on nasal strips that are placed on the bridge of the nose. Using also a chin strap device may have a healing effect too. The stick on nasal strips increases the overall space in the nasal passage, enabling you to breathe more effectively.

In the case where an allergy is blocking your nose, a doctor will prescribe for you a list of antihistamine tablets or advise you to use a nasal spray.

Please avoid taking alcohol before going to bed

This involves not consuming alcohol for at least two hours before going to bed. Alcohol relaxes your muscles more than usual during your sleep. Relaxed muscles cause the back of your throat to collapse when you breathe causing you to snore.

In case you are overweight, try and lose some weight

The weight of a person is a great factor that affects his/her ability to
snore while sleeping. If you are overweight, try and shed some of your weight off as this reduces the amount of tissue located in your throat which causes you to snore.

Maintaining a healthy diet will help keep your weight in check, as it will reduce your overall calorie intake level. Try also to exercise daily.


Smoking irritates the lining on your throat and nose, as a result of this irritation the lining starts to swell decreasing airflow down your throat
causing you to snore. Quit smoking today by speaking to your doctor about the available therapies that will guide you down on this path.


The above five options will quickly remedy all your snoring problems. However, if the problem still persists I recommend that you consult a doctor in order to get medical treatment that will remedy the situation.

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