Why you need a personal trainer?

As a personal fitness trainer in the field for 11 years, I’ve seen a lot of developments over time crazy when talking about price services of a personal trainer. On the one hand, I saw people paying crazy amounts for fitness training 1-on-1 with personal trainer, updates, see coaches who charge high rates for personal fitness training. A few years ago I was even offered to train in the gym Dev personal fitness training for about 60 shekels per hour … Such a proposal made me grab my head and get angry for a few moments, but after I calmed down I started to really think what should be the price for the services of a personal trainer? And what people are willing to pay for personal fitness training with a personal trainer?

The world of fitness has changed a lot during the years: Now 60% of training is done in your own home: treadmills, rowing machines, and home gym equipment.
The truth is the view of personal fitness training has changed considerably in recent years, in part after the economic crash from years we have experienced and new technology that allows a personal trainer in your hand or in your pocket (I’m talking of course about the iPhone and iPad). In my opinion, the value of a personal trainer declined in recent years. There are plenty of sites (as well as my website) that give lots of tips on lifestyle and fitness for free. To tell the truth, everything I publish my blog or my website all comes from information that I usually Height about money and is the basis of my career as a personal trainer.

So let’s go into reality, most people who rent or who think that hiring a personal trainer do it because they want a person lives near them and not a computer program or application to tell them what to do. I heard about personal fitness coaches who charge USD 500 per hour or alternatively heard of coaches who charge $ 50 per hour or even less. Even more sad that our niche gyms not to mention their names where coaches make these low amounts, but do not be fooled like anything in life then what is its impact inexpensive as well. Is the high price indicates a higher quality of training? Sure not! Price is generally supposed to be affected by demographic data in right where you want to work out with a personal trainer. Governor in my area (Tel Aviv) is acceptable to take between NIS 150-200 for 50-60 minutes of practice, but elsewhere the Governor in Be’er Sheva From what I checked personal trainers charge between NIS 120-140 personal fitness training.

In my opinion, the profession of a personal trainer needs to be rehabilitated and re-examination. In addition, I think the profession of a personal trainer does not get the respect it deserves. People use trade as a professional student or professional transition between jobs. Thus the Preamble Mode coaches who are changing the lives of people with whom they work everyday underestimated. This is a difficult decision, because nobody should really personal fitness trainer, say as a doctor (not that they earn a lot especially), but the people whose lives have changed because of it as a personal trainer in their never again return to the previous situation and their understanding of the value of the game will change forever. Furthermore, a personal trainer is a luxury that people who are able to stand and to fund it because they understand that this improves the quality of life.

Despite all this, personal trainers often overpriced and inflated. In my opinion, the price of 250 NIS workout of an hour is a fair price (highest price refers to a trainer he is a unique world champion or someone with a doctoral degree at least), depending of course on where you live in the country. Beyond that you pay the ego, social status or the upper echelons of the club. As I discussed earlier, many people mistakenly think that some some of it will be higher that their personal fitness coach will have learned more, but believe me it’s just not true.

There are various chains of gyms allow you to choose as a personal trainer by your rank held by the coach, what it basically says if you want to practice fine at a cheaper price you practice with one coach, but if you really want to invest and get better results try another coach? !?! What kind of message the customer receives from this division? It’s just ridiculously as a personal trainer or gym every studio should have excellent personal fitness trainer that will help you achieve the results you came for whom.

Finally, there is the issue amount, how much training do you need a week with a personal trainer? From my own experience novice who can not settle for one-week training session because he just can not seem to get to once or twice more independent and Mlhtamn training once a week, you can not expect results so these trainees usually retire. My long training sessions twice a week come and including those who go to practice independently once or twice more. In my experience, I saw my name that persists over time practicing at least twice a week. If you have the means you can hire a personal trainer three, four or five times a week course that requires measures not everyone can afford.

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