Is There a way to increase the penis – and does it really means better in bed?

How to get a bigger penis is perhaps every man’s dream considering the benefits attached to this blessing and the tremendous boosts this has on a man’s ego as far as intimacy is concerned. Although having a bigger penis is not an assurance that one is going to be fantastic in bed, it goes a long way in ensuring that one has an upper hand in this activity. Therefore in a nutshell making a penis bigger is has seen men spent sleepless nights trying to figure out ways to achieve this and I have done some research and found several methods to achieve this.

Undergoing a surgical operation to increase the size of the penis is one of the methods is yet another answer to how to get a bigger penis .This should be conducted under high medical supervision and great care should be observed to avoid one losing the penis instead of increasing the size. Despite the uncertainty associated with the process as to whether one will be able to perform perfectly after the surgery, it is worth noting that this is among some of the safest methods to increase penis size since it employs expertise of a trained medical practitioner.

Use of pills also solves the puzzle on how to get a bigger penis. This could also including applying lubricants onto the penis to increase its size. Although this method has its side effects it seems to have gained acceptance amongst most people in the recent past. It is worth noting however that one has to seek medical advice before undertaking any of these practices in order to avoid life threatening errors and mistakes. This is due to the fact that penis is the primary tool for reproduction and therefore tampering with it would have dire consequences. VigRx Plus is one of these pills and has been medically proven to work although I would not state with certainty that it is completely safe since am not a medical expert.

Several physical therapy procedures have also been employed to enlarge the penis.It involve stretching using small weights, or increasing blood flowing to the penis.This technique works to some level though not a guarantee. This method requires patience since it is supposed to be done continuously for quite some time in order for the penis to adjust and assume the new size .Therefore patience is required.

Clamping is yet another method of increasing penis aims at restricting blood flow to the penis using tight devices such as tying it using a string. This method however is abit risky. This is because as one focuses on cutting or restricting blood flow to the penis,he is at the same time required to be performing a masturbation process which results to huge amount of blood being pumped towards the penis.Therefore this activity is risky and anyone seeking to undertake it should employ utmost care to avoid messing things up.

There are also natural herbs that assist in elongating the penis and can also be used as a way to increase penis size. Although some of these herbs are not proven it is important to note that some have been applied practically and have been found to work