How to induce your period ?

For every woman in a reproductive age gap, menstruation is a process that they must go through. The process is usually associated with bleeding, pain, and sometimes can even lead to mental instability. Periods can alter the normal life period hence there should be a way to tackle it. Many women wish that they could find a perfect way to make their periods come faster and the good news is that there exist such methods. Most of the methods don’t involve any form of medications instead they naturally work. Here are some of the ways that have a proven track record of making period to come faster.

Physical exercises

when you do physical activities, you help to improve blood circulation in the body. Good blood circulation as a result of constant body exercises is known to trigger some signs of menstruation. Some of the exercise that you should include sit-ups and push-ups. Any exercise that centers around abdominal area can give out expected results.

Increasing body heat

Another way of making your periods come faster is by increasing the body heat. The easiest methods of achieving this is by having a hot bath and using heating pads to raise your general body temperature. By increasing the body heat, the blood vessels in the body will dilate and also the abdominal muscles will relax causing the linings on the uterus walls to start shedding at some point.

Diet plan

What you eat plays a bigger role in determining the time that you have your menstruation. It is advisable that you should reduce your consumption of food that have high sodium content. Salt is included in this category and is known to delay the periods. You should consider foods rich in carotene and they include carrots, peaches, spinach and many others.


You can use the advantage of having a lover to make your period come faster. Frequent sexual intercourse helps to trigger menstruation. Sex helps to increase flow of blood into the angina making the genital muscles to contract. After sex, the muscles relax causing shedding of the uterus linings. During sex, there are hormones that are released and they make the cervix to get softer hence causing menstruation.

Reduce stress

Stress is known to cause delayed and even irregular menstrual cycle hence you should try as much as possible to minimize stress levels. Try to ensure that you relax your body at an y given time.