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How to get rid of hemorrhoids

One of the embarrassing health condition that people find hard to talk about are hemorrhoids.People do not want to talk about it, it’s embarrassing, it’s not pleasant and it happens so most people try to ignore the situation in hopes that it will pass away by itself, but they soon discover that if not given hemorrhoid treatment, surgical treatment will be necessary.
Hemorrhoids is a known issue, common and abundant. About 25% of the general population suffer from hemorrhoids, and about 50% of people over age 50 will suffer from hemorrhoids at some time.

what are hemorrhoids?

But above all, it is important to understand what are hemorrhoids –  Hemorrhoids are dilated blood vessels located in the anus that cause difficulties in blood flow to the area. Hemorrhoids can be external or internal – when they are internal it is more difficult to identify them, but as soon as symptoms begin one must not ignore the problem and must be treated immediately.

hemorrhoids symptoms

Many people suffer from the following symptoms that are caused due to the presence of hemorrhoids:

  • Varying degrees of pain in the anus.
  • Bleeding from the anus.
  • Anal itching.
  • Mucous discharge from the anus.
  • Burning sensation in the anus.
  • Abnormal bowel movements.

Treating hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids usually occur in four stages: the first stage, internal hemorrhoids are not felt. In the second stage, hemorrhoids during check out and enter yourself back. In the third stage, hemorrhoids but do not go out alone and need to push them back inside. The fourth and final phase is thought to be particularly painful, hemorrhoids out but can not get them back.

Hemorrhoids treatment is usually combined with medication, surgical treatment and nutritional care, in accordance with the degree to which a person has been diagnosed, whether internal or external hemorrhoids and the symptoms are.

Treatments available today include:

Nutritional therapy, dietary fiber by adding the daily diet, drink at least eight glasses of water a day, adding fruits and vegetables (especially green vegetables), dried fruits and the like. Avoiding foods that are fried, spicy, junk food, avoiding excessive drinking of alcohol.
Treatment and care with lotions and candles which cause  local relief of pain and trying to reduce the size of blood vessels.

Hemorrhoid ligation therapy, this is a treatment method used around since the 50s and is defined as a method of treatment effective, quick, painless. The treatment is done under local or general anesthesia. With appropriate medical equipment, “dress” the hemorrhoid rubber band that binds him and stops the flow of blood, after several days, with a rubber band hemorrhoid fall off due to local necrosis produced in the region.

Electrical therapy (Electrotherapy), which combines burning and heating up Nshirto hemorrhoid.

Laser treatments.

Surgical removal of hemorrhoids.

Other Treatment of hemorrhoids include:

  • Therapy using creams or candles relieve symptoms common ointment is preparation H.
  • Ligation of hemorrhoids, treatment is done by a surgeon and does not require anesthesia and does not include the side effects of pain.
  • Healing Power (Electrotherapy) , this treatment combines heating and burning of hemorrhoid with an electric current.
  • Photocoagulation, this treatment is done using infrared waves that burn the hemorrhoid.
  • Laser treatments, which mars the tissue above the hemorrhoids or hemorrhoidectomy purposes.
  • Rectal muscle expansion (Dilation)
  • vascular degeneration through bundle them up into a rubber band.
  • vascular degeneration through Sclerotherapy
  • Surgical removal of hemorrhoids (Hemorrhoid)


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