5 natural remedies that help cure pimples

Waking up before that special event and finding a pimple on our face is something that has happened to all of us. That’s a situation that certainly despairs us, especially when we think that there is no way to show off a radiant skin at that important event. Don’t be alarmed! There’s still a possibility to disguise and get rid of this unwanted guess.

You just have to put into practice some of these homemade that are shown in this article.

Take note and find out how to get rid of pimples fast:

1. Toothpaste is a hygiene that can help you in the task of getting rid of a pimple on your face rapidly. The best way is cleaning up your face before sleeping and applying some toothpaste on a pimple so that it works all night long. In the morning, remove the toothpaste with plenty of warm water, and you will see how a pimple has decreased.

Keep in mind that this remedy is not recommended for dry skin people. It is more effective for oily skin people.

2. Another traditional trick to get rid of pimples instantly is to place some lemon juice on it. It would be advisable to carry out this treatment overnight, so, you cannot take the chance that you get spots on your skin. That is what happens if you are exposed to sunlight after applying lemon on your face.

3. A home remedy against pimples is mixing some tea with baking powder. Make a mash mixing these two ingredients and put it on the pimple with a swab. Let the mash dry and then remove it with warm water and clean your face.

4. The next remedy to get rid of pimples fast will also hydrate your face. You just have to mix cinnamon and honey until it becomes a mash. Wash your face and apply it in the infected areas before going to bed. If you use to roll over in bed just place a towel on the pillow to prevent it from being stained.

5. Lavender oil has a lot of dermatological properties that are beneficial for your skin and will help you fight the pimples. Therefore, applying some lavender oil on the area where a pimple is and letting it work all night long is a great treatment.

To prevent the emergence of new pimples, it is really important that you watch your diet and your skin. Clean your face daily and don’t go to bed without removing your makeup.



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