bench vise

Bench vise and its uses

Crafter’s or workmen who mostly put a lot of effort on resizing and shaping object often encounter bench vises as they such for effective tools that can hold the materials they are working on firmly.

For new customers who would be willing to purchase a bench vise mostly ask what it is in order to have a better insight about this tool. In simple term a bench vise is a tool that is attached to the edge of a working table, which could either be table or even a bench.

It is mostly used to hold objects or materials being worked on firmly hence making them more stable. A bench vise is composed of two flat metal or wooden plates that are brought together by adjust the screw like metal attaching them. For the tool to work effectively, it has one fixed jaw while the other jaw is movable. It is mostly applied when working with wood, metal or other materials that require to be held firmly when working on them.

In our current market we have various brands which are up for sale. Finding the best and appropriate brand can be a very hard task especially for new customers. To cope with this issue the best advice would be going for the main brands first and sampling them out to check which suites the customer better.

The first main brand in our list is the Yost vise having a 6.5 inch combination pipe and the basic bench vise. We also have the wilton 11104 bench vise which has a wide gap between the flat jawopening. Adding to the list we also have a TEKKON 54004 which a 4 inch bench swivel vise. For craftsmen who want a tool that can withstand distortion pressure the irwin tool 226306ZR can be used since it can handle clamping pressure of above three thousand pounds.

When purchasing this tool the customer has to know that the bench vise is categorized into two namely: the engineering or metal jaw vise and the second one being the woodworking vise.

Using this tool is highly recommended since it reduces the work input and also increases efficiency and working speed. This assures the craftsman is safe while working on his tools since the can not pop over causing an injury. For people who work at home are advised to use vises since they secure the working equipment preventing them from hurting young ones who might be walking around.

Finally after purchasing a bench vise a user can find the tool useless after completing the task that needed the vise. In order for this to be avoided, the tool is also applicable for various purposes such as during gluing which is the best alternative instead of relying on gravity on holding the working tool. Other such uses are when sawing, metalworking, working with a drill, using a sand paper and also cutting electrical conduit.

It is highly advised to frequently oil and grease this tool to prevent friction between the moving parts of this tool. This will also prevent the iron bench vises from rusting.

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