Animals and the love in our heart for them

AS children in North York, Toronto we loved spending hours in the animal shop in the commercial center. Also, especially those whose parents did not allow him to raise a pet at home, he liked to spend time in a pet shop in Petah Tikva. We would stroke the rabbits and hamsters, watch the aquarium with the wonderful fish for hours and try to teach the parrots to talk. As a child, a pet shop was one of the most interesting attractions in the neighborhood, which we used to visit almost every day.

Today it is almost impossible to find a neighborhood animal shop. Today most animal shops are actually supermarkets of animals, accessories and accessories for the owners of various pets. If you go into a pet shop today, you can be lost amid the vast supply of animal food, toys and accessories for growing pets. For example, in any animal store you can find dozens of dog food, cat food or even fish and parrot food: dry food, wet food, food with vitamins, diet food, food mixes, food additives, snacks and more.

Each animal store also has a large and impressive supply of accessories for raising pets: various cages for parrots, hamsters and rabbits, fish aquariums, snakes or other reptiles, cat raincoats, bedsĀ  (find here) ,pumps and filters for aquariums, dog hotels, mattresses and dog cages, cat and dog carrier boxes Cats, needs collection facilities, drinking and food tools, and more. Some shops also have a veterinary clinic.

Every animal shop also has countless gadgets and pet toys designed for people who like to pamper their animals: colorful collars, shimmering and even glowing in the dark for dogs and cats, a variety of costumes and winter coverings for dogs and cats, a scraper (a cone on which cats can scratch well) , Balls, toys, horns, and others.

Today they lost the charm and intimacy of the neighborhood pet shop. Today, if children want to pet the hare in the animal shop, the sellers will probably scold them. But the biggest absurdity is that most shops that call themselves a pet store are not selling animals at all, but only accessories. Only a few animal shops can be found in fish, hamsters, rabbits or parrots for sale.

But if there is one thing that has not changed in the animal shop, it is the fact that everyone who visits it loves animals. Then, even today, you can find in those animal shops, as always, those animal lovers who come in just to see if there are innovations in cat food or dog toys. You’ll always find the same kids who dragged their parents to the store just to see the hamsters and parrots again. You’ll always find animal lovers who come to a pet store just to exchange experiences and stories about their cute puppy, or just to consult the sellers about their cat’s strange behavior.

There are many who prefer the modern pet store, the one where everything can be found. A pet shop that is also a accessories shop, also tells dogs and cats and even a veterinary clinic. It must be much more comfortable, and sometimes even cheaper. I still miss the neighborhood pet shop, where we could spend hours even though it was small and crowded, and sold only one kind of dog food.

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