How does your sleep effect your health?


When should we replace a mattress?
When it comes to our sleep, we are very sensitive. After the children have grown and no longer night’s sleep disturbed waking feeding, sedation and anesthesia tiny babies, we find the time to spend more time thinking about the quality of our sleep. After all, a good sleep ensures that even during wakefulness will function properly, we will not be tired or cranky and we fall asleep easily and sleep comfortably and without interruption throughout the night.

So who can help us in any of these? The mattress of course. The mattress is a very important factor is decisive question of our bedroom. It is important to choosing the right mattress, suitable and comfortable for us and even more important to know when it’s time to replace your old mattress. It can also cure tonsil stones and hemorrhoids.

It is not an easy chair mattress
Bedrooms mattresses, unlike other furniture in the house, do not tend to get dirty or wear out easily, since they are covered and not used during the day. They also do not change according to fashion or the overall design of the house. However, they also need to refresh. True clean sheets covering the mattress every year, except for a feeling of comfort, it is difficult to notice that something which really has changed, but in any case, with some tests, you can determine whether it’s time to replace the good old mattress to your new one.

For example, if you went on vacation to the hotel or bed and breakfast and found Lhftatcm that night outside the home actually slept much better than at home, although this is not your bed, you’re so used to it, it could be a sign that it is time to replace the mattress!

If, after a night’s sleep you wake up tired and in pain, if you tend to roll over a lot at night, maybe that means you need a new mattress!

How the mattress is made?
Made an attempt – Take the mattress, put it on the floor while leaning on the shorter side to see whether its has a hump, that is – is it curved stand. If the answer is yes, there is no choice. Should go buy a new mattress.

And there is also the dimension of time – eight years of using both average life expectancy of each mattress. Maybe you will carry another year or two but a shame to delay. Go and bought a new mattress and you will be amazed how the quality of your sleep will improve by doing so.

And the thing Experts: American survey which involved 18,000 patients, people who have purchased new mattresses, found that 72% of them and 78% of those who defined themselves as having poor sleep – reported significant improvement in their sleep quality mattress has replaced. Shstcnatm hope, luck and a good sleep!

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